Friday, November 30, 2018

New Love Part 1


         I stood still at the same spot and kept wandering. I didn't even know what to do. I was restless, bored and lonely. I believed loneliness was a big problem. I always wished to be welcome by my lover. I always imagined the comfort a real woman could give to her true love. Something like a welcome kiss on the cheeks, assist in taking my jacket off. A delicious dinner served with love and care. I was always battling with all this thoughts in my head and hoping to come true one day.

I was at work when I got a friendship request on the social media from a lady who used to be my old schoolmate. I was happy to accept her because she has been my crush when we were in school. We did a little update especially after a long period of time because I remembered she was only 20 years old then. She has now grown to be a big lady, I couldn't believe she was  already 35 years old. She's still beautiful and my kind of woman. I still remembered calling her Shady. I asked if I could still call her same old name and she was pleased with it. Shady asked if I was still single, and I told the truth that I was  and really bored being by myself. I couldn't reject her offer of visitation Wow! I was very excited because the weather is presently cold and we were even preparing for our first snow of the season. My dream was about to come true. (Watch Out For Part 2)

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