Friday, November 23, 2018

Perfect Relationship


     She listens to my voice to sleep at night. It feels good when she wraps her little hands around me. She is my beautiful and adorable daughter. I love her because she is the only one I have. My wife Tyler always asks  me; "can you do without your Princess"? The question my wife usually asks always seems like a set of needles inserted into me. I flare up whenever she says that because I love my Princess. 

On a fateful day, I walked into Princess’s room and it was empty. I called for her but no response. Oh God! Where could she be? Everyone joined efforts in  search of my Princess for three days but no luck and Princess would not come back home. I couldn't cry because I had mixed feelings. Then I knew how it feels to be in an empty world. It seemed I was the only one existing. I couldn't eat nor sleep. I got the police involved, some suspects were arrested but that didn't bring back my Princess either. I was in my room mourning and I heard a knock on my door. A lady came in and told me she found my Princess alive in another city. I jumped and I was filled with joy but my joyfulness was cut short. It was just the beginning of my grief period. The lady saw my wife with Princess in another city. For real! I didn't get it right. I called my family for an emergency meeting because I was going crazy. The family called my wife and asked her what was going on. Oh my God! You wouldn't believe what happened. My wife said she took Princess to her father; Oh Jesus! I passed out. Till now I'm still in the hospital and I'm just praying for God to please take me away because I can't just bear the pain, no! I can't deal with it, is too much to bear. What have I done to deserve this from my wife? I thought we love each other. She never complained, I thought we were perfect. Now I know perfection brings pain sometimes because there is nothing like perfection but a bunch of lies, pretence and deceits piled up. Whenever your partner keeps mute please push her/him to speak out. Quietness in a relationship leads to  disaster at the end. I just pray to God to heal me.

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