Thursday, December 6, 2018

New Love ❤️ Part 2

         I picked Shady up at the airport with a big smile on me, I walked up to her, about to wrap my hands around her for a hug; I was surprised to see her turning away from me. I apologized for any inconvenience but she smiled back at me and said ’ I'm not used to hugging man in public".  I'm shy she  said further.  Oh! Hmmm! I don't know about that because I thought she should be matured enough then I remembered it may be due to cultural differences. 
Our two days of being together was  really great. We had a great sex 😌 and I was relieved of a huge loneliness. Shady exposed her true self to me about the fourth day. She heard me talking to someone on the phone and then she exploded, calling me all sort of  names. For real! I started getting nervous talking to her. I apologized- being in a country whose law favors female. On the  Seventh day, she threatened to call the police, oh! Oh! It was getting serious. There was a day she wanted me to do some shopping for her and I was cashless. That day was an unforgettable day for me. 

She locked me out of my house and she broke all my things. Thereafter  I thought of staying late at work to escape from coming to a hot home. I prayed to God fervently every day to let that moment pass by  as soon as possible. I prayed God I really want to be single again. Shady still has a few weeks to spend with me. In a week period with Shady, we get along for only two days and fought the remaining days of her stay. Life was miserable. 
At the end of her visitation I couldn't wait to drop her off at the airport after a hot argument. She said to me never to contact each other which made me happy. I was glad to drop her off at the bus station instead without talking to each  other. When I got home, it was like a Paradise on earth. I was so happy to have my peace and freedom again. Wait a minute! I learned my lesson to enjoy every moment of life and stop complaining. There is nothing like loneliness is a disease. Being by oneself sometimes may bring access to lots of things than you think- you will be closer to God and prepare yourself for the next 
upcoming event in your life. It is always a good idea to enjoy every moment in a lifetime period because you can never get that time back.


  1. Hmmm!memo,dis is serious .both loneliness and putting up wt a nasty partner are bad whichever way u look at it but then we need prayers,God'wisdom and patience to handle such situation.Because what happens if such scenarios evolve after weddinyg for real


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