Saturday, January 26, 2019

How to handle a Crush part 2

            You may be happily married and still have crush over him/her😜. For real! It is not a big deal. Here are some tips if you don't want to; 
If you can avoid seeing that person please do. If it is someone you cannot avoid owing to the job-related circumstance, then always act normal when you are with him/her by taking a deep breath. You can also get yourself busy with what you love doing in order to take your mind off your crush. You can also get a journal, write your feelings down and also write why your dream concerning your crush can't be possible. For instance, he may be short/too tall, he may be poor/ too rich for you. Finally, keep telling your brain not to think about it because you do not want to get into such mess. For real! It can be a mess up. The good news is that you can control your mind and brain. The word ’Love’ is not reality in itself but we make it real,  so you can wish it off. Your eyes communicate with your brain what they see and your mind tells your brain that is your crush then your brain program it and keep working on it on your behalf. Unless you really want to have a fling🙈, Yeah! I Don't know about that 🤷‍♀, you are old enough to do what you are capable of and to be ready for the consequences if there is any. 
Fan! Always get Realwithkem😘😘

Saturday, January 19, 2019

How to handle a Crush part 1😔

  The feel of a crush can either be  positive or negative. It can also be exciting because you feel happy when you are around the person. Thinking of your crush can make you smile and breathe in fresh air. You look forward to giving him a lovely smile with a sexy body language. For real! A crush can also be terrifying. It can be a battle within you which may be due to you being married, engaged or your crush being in  a relationship 😳. 
Few things are involved in this crush situation. First, search your heart to find out why you are having a crush over this person. You may be having a crush due to your bad relationship, you may be single or maybe he/she is cute😜. If the crush is due to being in a bad relationship  then you need to get out from the bad relationship first because it is simply called unfinished business which can put both of you in a mess. You can now search your heart to see if you are still having the same feelings towards this person after getting out of the bad relationship and if you still feel the same, then go for it🙈. Yeah! Turn your flirt on and make the first move if you can. For real! If you really want something you go for it. Here are steps to get his/her attention. First, make your feelings known to him/her by mimicking his body language whenever you are in a conversation. For instance, if he leans on a wall just do the same thing with a smile and make eyes contact. But remember not to act desperately and don't try too hard. You may be lucky to catch him/her😜. If he/she doesn't want you, it's okay, at least you
 tried. Just move on and get over it. There are lots of crushes out there for you. Just keep working on your self and never stop adding values to yourself. ( Watch out!!! For part 2!!!😘) Never stop getting Realwithkem😘

Saturday, January 5, 2019

My Crush ❤️👀

    ”Each time I walked into the office, I could hear my heart beats and I always lost concentration especially when I set my eyes on him.  Oh gosh! My heart and brain needed him to function well. My body wished to feel his glowing skin. He didn't even notice my feelings. His words gave another interpretation in my brain. All I could imagine him say was  ’I love you too.’ 
For real! I'm in love with him but I can't tell him. He knows I'm  married and my husband drops me off at work every day. I'm in a total mess.😒🤷‍♀”

That is the story of a married woman having a crush on another man at work. It should not be a surprising story. Let's all run  this issue through our minds before writing on it. What advice do you have for this woman? Feel free to in box me if you do not want to be identified. Let's just be REALWITHKEM😘

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