Saturday, March 23, 2019

How did I get Here?❤️❤️

” It seemed dark but  I could still see by straining my eyes. I could also hear myself talk. I wasn't  sure if my mind was at peace or in pieces. I wasn't  supposed to be alone but it appeared I was by myself. I tried stretching out my arms but I couldn't, I wanted to run, it was not possible; Then, I knew I was stuck in a box. How did I get here? Seeing her pictures, I could still remember I loved her. I decided to do everything to make her mine. I showered her with love and affection. I let her had a way in the relationship. I thought I was enjoying all that love game but I never knew I was making a box to be locked in. She played along until I got myself locked-in. Then she backed off. How can I free myself from the box of love?”

It can be frustrating to be locked up somewhere but the power to be free is within you. First, think of how you get there; In most cases, we get to a wrong place through the weakest aspect of our life. You need to strengthen that weakest aspect of your life before thinking of setting yourself free. Secondly, you can't set yourself free all alone, you need a backup; for real! And you  have to be careful who you choose for your backup. 
Lastly, make sure you are ready for the setting free battle because there must be no turning back after  starting it, which means, you must finish it or else the battle will finish you. Let's always be Realwithkem


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