Saturday, September 28, 2019

Real Man’s Joy

  Men have good intentions when it comes to pleasing their women in bed. It is just unfortunate women sometimes complain of pain during sexual activities. Some men even get a turn-on when their women give sound or show some signs of pleasure during sex. Men want to look like the Savior of sex, they like to be praised that they do a great job with their women. All this makes the men overdo it😳😳. My dear men, try these tips to please your women; always start with foreplay and don't scare your woman with your d**k. Let her know it's meant to give her pleasure not to beat her up. Men’s fingers are strong so when you touch your woman with either your tongue or fingers make it look as if you are moving a feather over her body, making it light and slow because women's body is not as strong as yours. Remember not to push down with your finger or shove it up anywhere. Do not rub or jab or poke anything at all.

It takes a while  to get women's body to arouse, so foreplay her with the feather-light touch then she will come closer to you for more. Here are some erogenous zones to explore with your mouth and fingers on women; Clit( very gentle tongue-touched ), flip her over and feather-light kiss her back, knees, feet, elbow. Wait a minute! Always remember to slow down your breathing, don't breath too loud, calm down and work as if you are hired to give her sexual pleasure. Play with her body and listen to her moves then she will always come back to you and make you her number one. Lastly! Go slow when you are in her and always ask her if she is okay😉😉 Always get Realwithkem.


Wrong Turn

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