Saturday, October 26, 2019

Sowing Seeds

     Digging a hole may seem like fun and also can be difficult especially if the soil is not a friendly kind. Then we put seeds in the hole and face the commitment part which is watering the seeds for better growth. Yep! The most exciting part is the harvesting period. Let's be Realwithkem here, all this illustration applies to a relationship. You can only harvest what you planted. Love is commitment and sacrifice. Forget about what you want to gain from the relationship but work on what you want to put in the relationship then you get a good fortune in return. Never let your relationship shape you but you shape your relationship to what you want then it will give you peace at last. Let your goals be what you want to do for her/him for a better tomorrow and wait to see if the good wishes won't come back to you. Even if the relationship eventually collapsed, you will reap your good deeds in another relationship because you have trained yourself  to be a good seed sower in a relationship. Take these tips; You can only sow seeds with patience, commitment, tolerance, and unconditional love. Finally, learn to close your eyes to some little things that may want to distract you when sowing your seeds in your relationship so you can achieve your aims. Always get Realwithkem!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

My Artistic Love

     You are right if you think men like hot ladies with beautiful nice boobs and shape. Do you think men want more in their women than how they look? Yes! Most men prefer  women with natural beauty and looking sexy. 
It is a good idea for a woman to get herself sexy wears and take care of her natural beauty. Yeah! Men want to open up to their women without being judged😊 All you have to do as a woman is to be a good listener. A man's beauty lies in his purposes of life. He likes a partner that plans future with him, sharing kind of the same longterm goals with him. Don't get me wrong! A woman does not have to put her own goal under the rug because, men like women with dreams and goals, she just needs to have an interest in her partner’s goals. For real! Men like  smart women that do not put all their energy into something unproductive. Compatibility is very important in a relationship, as such men prefer women not struggling to hold relationships together; want to be comfortable  around them. 
More importantly, men like their women to have good vibes as in, being straight up, cheerful, honest, being in good mood, lovely but not possessive. Finally, men like their women to be their prostitute when it comes to sex, as in, do him as if you will get paid for it😳👈🏽 
Always get Realwithkem.

Wrong Turn

      Each step forward gives me hope, assurance, and something to live for. Unfortunately, it is difficult to keep taking the steps. I ca...